Monday, December 13, 2010

Animal Health in Kansas City

While visiting in Kansas City this weekend I noticed that there is a growing industry for animal health care. Not only are laboratories and veterinarians growing around this area but also pharmaceutical companies and there is a communication industry revolving around this. One of the most impressive companies I have found being represented by Fleishman- Hillard and Grey Group Healthcare is Bayer Animal & Human Healthcare. This company has been helping animals since 1919 and has updated information about animal veterinary research.

I have interest in their company because they are a company that cares about animals, yet, cares about humans also. This seems appropriate and logical in the animal field.

I also enjoy their company because they believe in research. Research not only helps humans but animals as well and has created a rich field in the economy.

Kansas City has offered a large area for biotechnology, animal expertise, pharmacology and communications for animals.

I believe in the future this company will be important to know in current events.

I also believe that if there was a way to help animals without having euthanize them we would all be happier people. Animals don't live as long as humans but they are still part of our families. I know my animals are as well as the ones I work with at the vet (Animal Clinic Suburban, P.C.). This is why I am so passionate about animal health care and am hopeful to indulge in this industry in the future.

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