Tuesday, September 21, 2010

La Notte Italiana 2010

I had the pleasure this year of getting all the food and wine donations... Everyone come there will be music, food and silent auction to fund all of our local campaigns this year and help send us to nationals in Washington DC.
Here is our facebook link to RSVP----La Notte Italiana
Tickets are 20 in advance or 25 at the door
or if a student 12 in advance and 15 at the door

Thursday, September 16, 2010

To social media or... to not...?

Although sometimes we feel like we should trust our lives with twitter and facebook we might just be focusing on the wrong aspect of promotion and marketing.
According to the article "If Social Media Is Just Another To-Do List Item, Don't Bother Doing It," by David Warschawski, Social media is just a tool to for the taking and not necessarily a main use of marketing or promotion. In this article he explains tips about using social media and what is important about it.

Most people do not even know enough about twitter to say anything or use it properly. Although, there is a stretch to use the tool because of the new technologically savy audience to use it the tool is not validated through all audiences. So what should you know?... your audience. Most people are more likely to use traditional media. For example, "Traditional media, including TV, radio and newspapers, are the first news source for 72% of Americans, according to a 2009 survey from the First Amendment Center. While only 15% of consumers said they turn to the Internet as their first source of news, 1% reported Twitter, 1% reported social networking sites and 1% said e-mail," (2010,Warschawski).

With the use of audience in mind the other key advice that Warschawski makes is to use it only as a tool to market that certain audience in part of a bigger strategy. Companies that are successful with using social media do well because they incorporate it as a tactic in an overarching integrated campaign and view it as one of the many powerful weapons in their arsenal. They understand that social media should not become a stand-alone strategy or campaign, but part of a holistic approach meant to strategically address your business goals," (2010,Warschawski).

Although, personally I use social media tactics for all campaigns I do in Maverick Solutions our University of Nebraska at Omaha's firm connected to prssa's MaverickPR, it is merely one tactic to help promote or market the campaign/event. A combination of traditional media and social media is important for an overall marketing strategy in today's growing technological market.
picture found at: google image site

Look for upcoming events such as Omaha 10-10-10 with Rick Murray, president of Edelman in Chicago to talk about social media in the decade past and the decade to come on Oct. 10. Keep up with University of Nebraska at Omaha's facebook pages for more information. MaverickPR and Maverick Solutions.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Best Friends and Odd Couple

I was visiting with a friend last week and she pointed out this video.

elephant and dog

I had to blog about it because I do agree that this pair is a pure example of my life and my love for animals. If these two distinctly different creatures could spend hours upon end with each other why can't we all have that with whoever or whatever creature we want? I feel that feature stories are more fun because they tell of weird touching moments that do in fact impact one another. I love doing profiles on people that have been touched by something that is going on in the world. I realize most people would refer to this as fluff but I think this moment was more important that what happened in the stock market today.

I have to be honest the last line intrigues me what if we all could make friends far different from ourselves?