Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yep. Thanksgiving post.

This is going to be a busy three days for me so I decided that I would do the "Thanksgiving" post tonight.
It is usually a time of year when food and football are around and no, I'm not one of those mushy types but we all have to be thankful for something? Today I would like to make a confession, not in my wildest dreams would I say this in front of anyone but today I would like to say that I am thankful for Pillsbury Crescent rolls. They not only bring the family together but they bring me to the table! I'm not a huge fan of turkey (the meat kind), sweet potatoes, cranberries or Waldorf salad but these rolls are the greatest little balls of dough you have ever set your eyes on.
Not only can you just eat them in baked form you can create recipes that you wouldn't have ever dreamed of: Cheese triangles, crescent pecan pies, bacon cheddar pinwheels and so much more. The possibilities are endless.
I know what you're probably saying...."What if I don't like them?" Then there is a simple solution really? Play with your food. I'm sure the dough boy would do the same thing.
There is nothing wrong with marketing such a product. Clearly they have their "stuff" together. They not only have a character mascot that is adorable and made out of dough but he goes "Woo hoo" when you push his belly button and he loves cookies. I would expect nothing less and frankly, have grown up with this lovable creature my whole life. The color scheme also works nicely with the blue and white complementing each other.
The best part about the whole crescent roll experience is that you will be able to eat in peace without gagging at aunt Gina's horror of a potato roll or uncle Billy's torched turn-overs.
So the next time you are sitting at your table and are about to say your Thanksgiving prayer everyone really try to remember what you are thankful for. And... if your going to pray, pray for a better season in football...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Morning Warning

You may think of the African Elephant as a powerful, strong, majestic creature but that is not stopping this Nile Crocodile from clamping onto the tusk of this mother elephant. I thought this was an amazing picture and shows that crocs aren't just creatures of sneaking beatings of turtles and snakes they have a power unadjustable to size. This picture was taken by tourist Martin Nyfeler of Switzerland and was taken from National Geographic's story, "African Ambush," by Brian Handwerk found at croc story online.

Although, the attack might have been a mistake the elephant was able to drag the reptile away from the water and leave the scene with her calf right beside her. A good story for a Monday morning. Take on the elephant today on a Monday and get dragged out of the water...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Turtles are really taking the toll...

As I read National Geographic Daily news daily, I have realized that turtles are taking the toll compared to other animals. These Green Sea Turtles are found to be taking ridiculous amounts of run-off nitrogen from our sewers, farms, houses...etc and scientists have found led to the herpes virus.
This article by Rebecca Kessler called, "Sea Turtles Herpes Tumors Linked To Sewage," talks about "cauliflower- like tumors which can sprout on a turtle's eyes, mouth, joints and internal organs."

Some people believe that this could be due to the results of the British Petroleum Oil Spill although, no direct evidence. The website Oil Spill Wildlife Crisis article "Green Sea Turtle," by Kristin G. Sekeric, talks about one of the most endangered animals due to the oil spill, the Green Sea Turtle die premature to normal turtles due to this herpes virus.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Thought this was interesting

I follow a man named whysharksmatter on twitter and he pointed out this article about how jellyfish cells can detect cancer. jellyfish article