Thursday, October 29, 2009

Women in the 21st century

I am involved with a gender and communications class at University of Nebraska at Omaha and have been involved with many eye-opening facts about women in the workplace. Today we discussed the role of women in the sciences. Dominating with men for thousands of years women are finally being able to compete and accomplish in the science world. Found from the 4000 years of Women in Science website it says, "Dr. Jane Lubchenco, one of the nation's most prominent marine biologists, will head the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the new Obama administration."

Althought this is a major accomplishment for many women the ways of teaching have men very "male oriented." The statistics of women in the sciences are very low as well as science teachers at the full professor level. The text, Gendered Lives by Julia Woods states that, "75% of full professors are male." (2009). This proves that women in the sciences are not done with their efforts.

I also found out from an old blog my mother (golden thoughts) brought to my attention about women dressing in the science workplace, particularly a labratory. She talked about a women who was persistently getting her chest started at. Comments that were left were about what to do about the abuse. One male stated that the woman dressed too revealing and that clearing this up might help the problem. I found out that one of the responses to this post was a picture of a women in a birka. Although very funny a lot of women are having to be serious scientists while still being feminine. What is drawing the line? On Austin's Athiesm Blog he talks about an article found at:, where women were blamed for their own rape because they were dressed too provocatively. How do women still keep their professional composure without losing their attractiveness? I feel like we have a line that we draw in our heads but the reality is for myself, that men are going to look regardless. What is sexual harassment and professionalism and where is the line?

This post made me think of my mother (check out her blog Golden Thoughts) at the ASN conference in San Diego today (If i don't get the details right change them mom!). Today I felt a sense of pride in the things that she has accomplished. She is smart and proud contrary to the school mates in high school portrayed her she is cool. She was constantly made fun of and dissuaded from science but she has grown a single statistic of a promising accomplishment of women in the sciences. Although, it is hard when she leaves to go out of town for the family she made me proud today because she really is accomplishing something great by going on those trips.

A Happy Halloween mother and love you.