Monday, December 7, 2009

This Christmas is a time to remember things that are precious to us. This year I am giving a tribute to Denver the Wonder Cat. This will be my first Christmas without him. I remember every year when my brother Timmy and I were banished to our rooms to wait for Santa denver indulged himself in a full pack of stimulating cat nip. After a night of unwise decisions he went into a deep sleep to regain himself for the next morning. The next day he knew it was Christmas for him too. He would cuddle up on the couch jim the other cat and wait until presents were done to take a long nap with others. He enjoyed egg nog, ice cream and and the zipper area of pants. He was my cat for over 17 years and he will be missed this year as the snowflakes fall and the tree lights shine.

Ozzie has some big paws to fill.