Monday, February 1, 2010

Social Media *IS* Important today- but in the correct way.

What does one do when it comes to social media? We all have our personal reasons... (rate hottest celebrity?) but how can it help us in the world of business? I have learned a lot from Friday's PRSA (public relations society of America)'s professional conference.

The first speaker was the infamous Peter Shankman from New York. He was the most influential speaker in my opinion. He talked about some important things:

1. Transparency- make sure everyone can see through your company and you have no secrets.

2. Ask your audience- for instance ask if your clients catch up most information on your website. If they do, you can use it!

3. Embrace the concept not twitter- twitter is a good resource but only if people use it which leads to my next point...

4. Use the written word. No one will read it if it is not written well, especially media or for jobs.

5. Keep in touch when you don't need anything- if you are there in the slow times people will find you more appealing.

Most importantly the average attention span of Americans today is 2.7 seconds!!!! So make your point correctly and accurately but fast!

When it comes to social media I believe that the most important part is to keep in touch with everyone. There is a new product these days called a poken which is sort of like an electronic business card. If you touch it to someone else's then their information is put on your hardrive. Best of all it changes when that person changes it! So if I change my email it will change on their drive because it is on the same network.

More importantly it comes in cuteness!
Also if you want to learn more about pokens look at this website. It's a Youtube video by Google that talks about how to use it and what they are for.
Happy tweeting.